Hosting: Moiré Quantum Matter Nanofab Workshop (2024)

The Moiré Quantum Matter Nanofab Workshop aims to provide training in the nanofabrication of 2D moiré quantum devices. This workshop is open to the entire condensed matter physics/materials science community and it will include:

  • Demonstration of 2D materials exfoliation methods
  • Shape engineering based on the laser cutting method
  • Stacking of 2D materials with twist angle control
  • Tips on how to increase yields, subsequent device nanofabrication, improving contacts, device characterization, etc.

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Nano days at Boston Museum of Science (2017)

Daliha @ Museum of Science Outreach

Dahlia (Graduate student) demonstrating twisted bilayer graphene at the Museum of Science

Welcome to Flatland! Two-Dimensional Materials in the Quantum Age: Pablo Jarillo-Herrero Talk at Museum of Science