Quantum Nano Electronics at MIT

Research at the Jarillo-Herrero Group is currently focused on quantum transport and quantum optoelectronic measurements in low dimensional materials and their combined hybrids.

Our Research

At Jarillo-Herrero Lab, we lead the charge in delving into the enigmatic realm of 2-dimensional materials, with a keen emphasis on unlocking the secrets of superconductivity, ferroelectricity, magnetism, and topological physics within 2D van der Waals heterostructures and moiré quantum matter. Armed with an arsenal of experimental tools, from transport measurements to optical spectroscopy and clever nanofabrication techniques, we push the boundaries of discovery. Our overarching mission? To unveil the fundamental properties of 2-dimensional materials and pioneer cutting-edge electronic devices, shaping the future of technology.

Meet the Team!

In the Jarillo-Herrero group, we firmly hold the belief that achieving success hinges on maintaining an equilibrium between dedicated effort and enjoyment. We actively foster an atmosphere of openness and collaboration through a blend of social interactions, scientific dialogues, shared learning experiences, and mentorship. Whether it’s group outings or gatherings, practical lab-based training and mentorship, or simply coming together for a break with a cup of coffee, espresso, or snacks, we wholeheartedly support one another, reinforcing our shared commitment to growth and scientific achievement.